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Petriwood Wood Stabilizer

Petriwood Wood Stabilizer

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Petriwood Cedar Oil Wood Sealer 

THE SOLUTION: A full 15 year warranty, Petri-Wood Stabilizer & Weather-Resistant Sealer will fully protect your out-door project against rot, warping, bending, twisting, termite attack and decay. Improved stability of your wood project means better overall appearance and improves the life of the wood structure. Our product carries no water, it is a natural solvent and cedar oil blend. By using Petri-Wood you will reduce the cost of maintenance and the cost of replacement boards.

Professional Wood Restoration Services

Over time, good old Mother Nature can destroy out -door wood projects that are improperly protected and maintained. This is especially true in the deck, wood siding and log cabin industries. That’s why correctly stabilizing & sealing wood structures with a quality protectant followed up with a good maintenance program is so important. Cleaning an out-door structure every 2 to 3 years is very important to the overall appearance and integrity of the wood. Our professional contractors can provide this service for you or they can simply explain how this can be accomplished.

Petri-wood is a professional grade wood solution, giving dimensional stability to outdoor wood projects 

  • Formulated to provide complete protection for decking, fences/posts, façade, roof shingles, garden furniture & sheds
  • Works on all wood types
  • For decks & docks, apply 1 gallon per 100 sq. ft.


As much as homeowners spend on out-door projects or log homes, they unfortunately find themselves constantly having to maintain the integrity of the wood by putting on a new sealer every 2 or 3 years. With the current water based solvents being applied to these structures homeowners and the professionals who apply it will always have problems with splitting, cupping, fastener rejection, rotting; termites or wood boring beetles. The problem is homeowners are sealing their wood structures with inferior products that simply don’t work in the weather conditions that they were intended for. So every 2 or 3 years homeowners find themselves or a deck company having to reseal the structure, hoping to keep it from being replaced. Unfortunately for homeowners your contractors insist on applying these products as the best on the market. Why? They want the re-occurring revenue your wood project gives them every 2 to 3 years. 

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