Collection: Flea & Tick Pet Sprays

Dr. Ben's Paws & Claws cedar oil spray was formulated exclusively for the Animal Pet Health Industry for control of Fleas and burrowing insects. Approved for use on newborn offspring and there nursing mother. This product will successfully control Fleas, Ear Mites, Mange Mites, Burrowing Mange Mites and Goat Lice.

Dr. Ben's Paws and Claws Cedar Oil is recommended by holistic veterinarians, groomers, top breeders, shelters, kennels and 1000’s of dog owners around the world as a replacement to toxic and non effective Frontline, Advantage and other SPOT DROP PET MEDS that compromise your pets immune system and promote dry skin, itching sensations, erratic behavior, convulsions, illness and premature death.